Community economic development (CED) is economic development that focuses on creating and maintaining sustainable communities. This can be accomplished by encouraging the growth of local businesses, developing affordable housing, and improving access to healthcare and education.

CED aims to improve the quality of life for all residents of a community, not just those who are wealthy or able to take advantage of new opportunities. By working together, residents can create a vibrant and robust community resilient to outside shocks.


How to Be Involved in Community Economic Development

There are many different ways to get involved in CED. Residents can start local businesses, form community groups, or vote for leaders who support CED policies. Numerous organizations offer support and resources for those looking to get involved.


Goals of Community Economic Development

1) To Create and Maintain Sustainable Communities

CED works on building and maintaining a community that can withstand outside pressures and challenges, such as economic downturns and natural disasters.


2) To Build Local Leadership

CED strives to give more power and control to those in the community. This way, residents can make their own decisions about what is best for them instead of having outsiders making these decisions for them.


3) To Improve Access to Education

Education is often necessary to improve one’s socioeconomic status or even move into a different socioeconomic class. By ensuring that residents have access to education, CED helps people move up the socioeconomic ladder through increased knowledge of relevant topics.


4) To Increase Access to Healthcare

People who lack health insurance or those with low income may not have access to healthcare services. By making healthcare more accessible, CED improves the overall health of a community and decreases the likelihood that residents will need emergency medical attention.


5) To Increase Civil Participation

CED strives to improve civic engagement among all of its residents. This way, people can speak out on behalf of the community and work together towards common goals and objectives so that everyone benefits from their efforts.



Community economic development is an excellent way for residents to participate in their community and help create a better quality of life for everyone. People can develop a vibrant and robust community resilient against outside pressures by working together.